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At Abbott Florist, our reliable staff is committed to creating beautiful flower arrangements and gifts which are perfect for any occasion. As a trusted local florist, we offer flower delivery throughout Turnersville, NJ and surrounding areas, as well as nationwide delivery through our network of reliable florists. Abbott Florist also offers convenient same-day floral delivery for all of your last minute gift needs!

Abbott Florist Mistletoe Match!

Abbott Florist Mistletoe Match!

Nov 30th 2016

It can be hard for a workaholic to find a good date for the holiday season and there is no bigger workaholic this season than a Christmas elf. Abbott Florist’s Mistletoe Match is dedicated to helping these elves and winter animals find a new companion and home with the people of Turnersville, NJ. Check out our eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, and receive 10% off all holiday items!

Help Hunter find his Honey for the Holidays!

Hobbies: Collecting vintage toys, Joyriding in Santa’s sleigh

Duties: Building toys out of reclaimed wood

Likes: PBR, Pho, Activism, Mistletoe , Reducing his carbon footprint

Dislikes: Pumpkin Spice

Favorite Movie: “Dr. Strangelove”

Favorite Food: Pho

Turn Ons: Veganism

Turn Offs: Meat

Here are four elves full of moxie for your Abbott Florist Mistletoe Match

Hobbies: Woodworking, competing in chili cook-offs

Duties: Reindeer Stable Keepers

Likes: Singing in their family quartet, hot cocoa, reindeer rides

Dislikes: Being stuck inside all day, reading, wearing tights

Favorite Movie: "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"

Favorite Food: Fruit Cake

Turn Ons: A perfectly polished sleigh

Turn Offs: Stiff boots

Dakota is looking for someone to share his gingerbread cookies with. Could that be you?

Hobbies: Admiring Santa’s sleigh, hiking, horticulture

Duties: Testing toy car wheels

Likes: Making Santa proud, helping the team, candy canes

Dislikes: Confrontation

Favorite Movie: "The Year Without a Santa Claus"

Favorite Food: Gingerbread cookies

Turn Ons: Home cooked meals

Turn Offs: Snobs

Nora the Polar Bear is the perfect cuddle buddy for you!

Hobbies: Swimming, ice fishing

Duties: Crowd control with tourists

Likes: Coca-Cola, family time

Dislikes: Penguins

Favorite Movie: “Polar Express”

Favorite Food: Snow cones and swedish fish

Turn Ons: Perfect Teeth

Turn Offs: Fur

Martino knows how to make anyone shine: bling them out!

Hobbies: Braiding doll hair, karaoke,

Duties: Head toy blinger

Likes: Crystals, golden shears, well styled things

Dislikes: Dirt

Favorite Movie: “Elf”

Favorite Food: Candy

Turn Ons: Anything Metallic

Turn Offs: Clutter

Holly is a renowned beauty with a hopeful heart. Can she steal your heart?

Hobbies: Ice skating, nail maintenance, playing with animals

Duties: Keeping morale and good cheer high

Likes: Selfies with Santa, candy canes, flower crowns

Dislikes: Being ignored

Favorite Movie: “Frozen”

Favorite Food: Kale

Turn Ons: Lumberjacks

Turn Offs: Know it alls

Owlivia has high standards but can be a total hoot.

Are you whooo she’s been searching for?

Hobbies: Reading Dickens Novels,

Duties: Quality Management

Likes: Vintage wines, poinsettia

Dislikes: Incompetence

Favorite Movie: “Scrooged”

Favorite Food: Sushi

Turn Ons: Intelligence

Turn Offs: Distasteful Jokes

We’ve highlighted 7 of Abbott Florist’s most eligible elves and woodland critters, but your Mistletoe Match could be waiting for you at our store. Don’t miss out on Caroling Bears, Junk Food Towers, Christmas Angels, and of course our holiday arrangements. Stop in today and receive 10% off all holiday items!

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